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The first reunion for the four friends after having spent years scattered all around the world was the spark they needed to birth Chararr. Trying out regional foods is the pathway to entering the cultures of others as food is directly and intimately linked to the notion of identity.

Chararr doesn't only want you to delve into one culture. We want you to have an exceptional experience where we combine the essence of the east and west, and you explore the flavor of diversity.

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Charrar is a multi-cultural restaurant in Jordan that carries a food experience like no other. We serve a variety of food options inspired by Arab, Persian, Turkish , Armenian and word cuisines; which explains our delicious kebab variations! The environment at Charrar is family friendly, while also being welcoming to individuals. It is the perfect place to socialize, relax and treat yourself.

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The atmosphere at Charrar is nothing short of the perfect homey experience. The welcoming nature of our staff paired with our wide variety of food selections, you can expect no less than quality treatment. There is no place quite like ours. Charrar will take your taste-buds on a flavorful adventure across our continent. If you choose to dine indoors, you will be welcomed by the beautiful smells of fresh meat, barbecue, and bread. Your ears will also thank you for the beautiful sounds of peaceful traditional Arabic music, and wholesome chatter which lls up the restaurant.

If you do choose to sit outdoors on our lovely terrace, you will feel the refreshing gusts of wind, and the peaceful and quiet environment surrounding the restaurant. The terrace is especially beautiful right before sunset, you get to witness the sun begin to fade underneath the horizon, as well as feel the cool winds begin to emerge. No matter where you choose to sit, Charrar will always have a specific feeling that resonates with you.

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Chararr's number one goal is to offer unwavering hospitality and establish a homey environment for all. This process includes creating a name for ourselves so that our customers always associate a certain memory or feel a certain emotion once hearing the name “Chararr”. This requires us to make sure that our guests always come first, and for that reason, it is essential for us to always give them their expected attention.

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